Savannah, the younger brother of his siblings Time and Carnival, is the narrator of our story.

He is an omnipresent character that finds himself in different everyday situations casually observing or commenting. His costuming reflects his story and the story of our people throughout. His opening outfit shows hand-painted scenes of the savannah and the charms in his beard tell the whole story of Lavway in symbolism.

“The narrator is a mythical shapeshifter, that transcends into various human forms that can be seen in our everyday culture. I chose neutral colors and bright pops juxtaposed with scenes from our everyday life at the savannah on his shirt. His beard signifies all the stories of the past that have adorned our savannah over the decades. Brass charms attached to his beard were little antique trinkets found along his journey. The Anchor, the midnight robber hat, the pitchfork, the cotton candy, the whistle, the drum, the moko jumbie can all be seen intertwined in his beard. A pink feather on his hat that was a little finding found on the grounds of the savannah that his sister left him. I wanted him to look mystical but still human” – Shandelle Loregnard, Stylist.

The Queen’s Park Savannah is Port-of-Spain’s largest recreational space and has been the central location to the action and theatre of carnival since the early 20th century- the true home and container for the magical energies of the festival. On the southern side of the plain lies the famed Grand-Stand. As the festival draws near, a vast stage and North Stand is erected upon which major highlights of the festival take place: King & Queen competitions, Panorama, Calypso Monarch and finally the moment crooned about year after year in many a soca- the Parade Of the Bands and crossing of the stage by thousands of yearning street masqueraders.

Performed By: Nickolai Salcedo


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