The Oracles 

(Pierrot Grenade)


Carnival is the sister of Time and Savannah in our story. She is formless, omnipresent, and speaks through our oracles.

The Oracles: The oracle costumes were inspired by the traditional Pierrot Grenade costumes but constructed using a variety of different materials that spanned the carnival aesthetic landscape. The characters are the voice of “the spirit of carnival” allowing her to vocalize to us in powerful monologue.

Based on the 16th-century French pantomime and clown character Pierrot, the PIERROT GRENADE masquerade is a parody of its European predecessor. One of the few speaking traditional characters, he delights in bragging about his knowledge of language, spelling, and learned things- showing through rhyme and poetry his ability to spell anything with free-wheeling story and hilarious word association. A true representation of the Spirit of Carnival and Trinbagonian people.


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