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“The vibrant colours, mixed with black in the traditional fireman sailor outfit, stood out to me and ignited my inspiration, to pay homage to this traditional character. The purpose came from a place within me that was adamant on creative movement despite being in a pandemic. In a way, I found myself similar to the traditional fireman sailor character, whose sole responsibility was to remain in the ships’ engine control room and ensure the overall vessel operations and movement at sea. I found myself bound to continuous, creative motion.

I wanted to modernize his look by merging a firefighter’s utilitarian bags with someone attending the Burning Man festival. A true swagger man: a redone officer’s cap, gloves, shades, unique balaclava, and fitted formal cut trousers- all in bright, fiery colors just like the traditional character himself. Of course, I couldn’t help but complement it with a blinged-out aesthetic.”- Keon Chow, Designer

Performed By: Jumael James


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