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Dame Lorraine

“I was inspired by the movement and dance of the Dame Lorrains, the material and defining characteristics.I wanted my process to play on the original mimicry of ‘aristocracy’ that birthed the character in its original form. As soon as I started the process, I knew there couldn’t be anyone to play this character but my friend Xoe” – VAL

One of the most popular female characters- the DAME LORRAINE was fashioned after the fancy dress and corseted silhouette that dominated the madams of French 18th century aristocratic planter class.

The character is now considered a single character but was originally part of a troupe of performers. The comedic performance of Dame Lorraine historically entailed mocking the ailments and afflictions that the planter class could be overheard complaining of- parodying the idea that their illnesses were the result of their excessively luxurious lifestyles.

The deliberate exaggeration of the bust and backside is the signature trait of this mas- the comically absurd look is usually achieved with a heavily padded bra and a large pillow or cushion for a derrière.

Performed By: Xoe


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